March 2017 Jim's Reflection

When I was a child in the Pacific Northwest, you could see three different mountains from my various parts of my house. The snow-capped, majestic peaks of Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helen, and Mt. Rainier stood in the distance, and were a reminder of the mystery and majesty of God.

Over time, the ability to see these mountains disappeared. Trees continued to grow, eventually blocking Mt. Rainier; a new apartment complex covered Mt. Adams; and when Mt. St. Helen blew its top, it could no longer be seen over the tree line. The mountains were still there. The problem was that various circumstances had
blocked them from view.

This seems a bit like life: we let distractions build up around us, others construct obstacles for us, a big event seems to change everything. Over the course of time, it feels like God is hard to find.

This also seems like a good analogy for the Season of Lent. These next few weeks provide us a chance to trim back the distractions, look for new vantage points, and make repairs to those parts of us that seem to have exploded.

Lent is not only a time to consider giving something up (some part of life that may distract us from being our best selves), but Lent can also be a time to consider taking something on (a commitment to a task, project, or discipline that makes life more full).

My prayer for each of us is that, during the next 46 days (40 days if we don't count Sundays), our actions and commitments will provide moments where the presence of the Divine peaks out, and we will come to Easter ready to be resurrection people.

Glad to be journeying with you.