January 2018

Jim's Reflection
Let me start with a very special thanks to everyone who made the Advent and Christmas season so special; whether that was putting up decorations, helping with the Advent
Celebration, participating in a worship service (or pitching in behind the scenes), or
being a part of one of our services or events. There was much going on here at Orinda Community Church, and it was a pleasure to see the joy and the activity that buzzed throughout the month. The addition of a Winter Solstice service was well received, as 20+ people shared a meal, and a time of reflection and music. And between the two services on Christmas Eve, over 340 people came through our doors. I wish you could have heard how
grateful people were for the profound experience they had throughout the times of worship.

We now enter that time between Christmas and Easter. A sort of in-between time. The Christmas glow starts to fade. Decorations come down. Trees are moved to the curb.
It is a time when we remember that we are called to make movement. To listen to the call of Christ on our lives, and to walk the path of Jesus.

This first Sunday of January, we celebrate Epiphany, which marks the arrival of the Magi at the manger. These men from far away saw something off in the distance, and decided to
step out in faith and see what this light was all about.

As we step into 2018, there is much to look forward to at Orinda Community Church. There will be many ways for us to become connected to one another, and we will learn together, worship together, pray together, and serve together. We will make decisions about what we want our
priorities to be as a church, how we will focus our energies, and what we want our staffing configuration to look like.

My hope for all of us is that we will have the courage to move, to make the journey - to keep looking and listening for the Spirit of God in our midst. To find ways to care for
one another, get to know each other better, and notice the Divine Presence as we laugh, serve, worship, and learn together.