August 2018

As we move into August, our church (like most churches) tends to go into a bit of a slow-down while anticipating the beginning of a new program year. That said, there are still many things to
share - both for the weeks ahead, and the beginning of our program year. And we look forward to being together on Sunday mornings this month, to worship and be together.

One exciting initiative on my horizon is the chance to work with Miramonte High School around wellness and youth advocacy. The high school is starting a Wellness Center, and I will be on an advisory team that will dream about ways to support area students. The hope is that through this work, families will know that our church is committed to serving the needs of local youth, and I will have a chance to meet other committed.

Another upcoming event is a shared project with staff of  Congregation B'nai Tikvah. We are going to have a sort of "The Moth meets Prairie Home Companion meets Worship"
event in Berkeley in late August. The hope is to offer an event for those who might not normally attend a worship gathering. As well, we hope to get the name of our church out there a little more, and connect our church with other folk - while providing a great experience for those who attend (the flier is included in The Neighbor). I hope you might go online, buy tickets, and attend. Please invite your friends who might consider themselves "Spiritual, but not religious." This should be a great night.

And speaking of different types of worship, conversations have started around the idea of offering a second worship service at an alternative time; most likely a Thursday evening.
What we offer for worship on Sunday mornings is really special.

We are a warm, loving, and welcoming community. We have an incredibly talented Music Director, and many amazing voices and musicians. We sing the great hymns. Our worship is thoughtful. Our prayers, reflections, and times of sharing are meaningful. However, for those with no church background, this might be a little too unfamiliar. And schedules - especially for
families - often get busy on Sunday mornings. The hope is to provide another space for worship and community at a different time - hoping to reach a new demographic. The thought would be to meet in Fellowship Hall, starting with a light dinner at 6 p.m., followed by worship. The service would look quite unlike traditional worship. Maybe start with a video, or a story. Sing a couple songs. Offer a talk, or share some quotes. Break into small groups to discuss. Maybe work through some questions together. Or walk the labyrinth. Or do some guided meditation. Sing a couple more songs - or listen to a song.

There is still much to figure out - especially around ways to fund this initiative. Hopefully there will be more to report soon.