June 2018

Jim's Reflection June 2018What is faith?
Is it the absence of doubt?
Is it pursuing answers while in the midst of doubt?
Is it knowing that everything is going to be OK?
Is it hoping that everything will be OK, but also doing the hard work to try and make it so?
The theologian Paul Tillich once wrote that "Doubt is not the opposite of faith; it is an element of faith." And Cornel West has written that "Faith is the notion that somehow you can muster the courage to step out into the unknown and still sustain yourself, or be sustained. Christian faith is
stepping out on nothing, [and] landing on something."

During the month of June, we will be looking at these questions, and seeing what answers might bubble up for us. Hebrews 11 gives us a good launch point for these questions of faith and doubt, so we will explore this passage over the next several weeks.I will be preaching a series on the topic of "Doubters, Seekers, and Believers." I look forward to digging into this text with all of you - and seeing what we might be able to unpack together. Hebrews 11 tells the stories of many of
the pillars of the Jewish and Christian faith - and like most of us, were bumbling and stumbling along their way.