February 2019

Dear Friends,
Last Sunday's Annual Meeting marked a new segment in life of our church. Thanks to the
generosity of so many of you, we have the opportunity to hire a half-time associate minister.
The Search Committee has done it's work, and has found a candidate who seems a great fit for this place. We are now in a time of negotiation, which will precipitate a visit to our congregation, and a chance for us to approve this person's joining our ministerial staff. The hope is to have this person with us by the end of the spring.

If it does not work out for this person to join our community, our budget allows us to think creatively and hire for our greatest needs. There is much good work for us to do, and staffing appropriately permits us to care for the needs of the congregation, while enhancing ministries of the church.
One thing that I believe strongly is that all of us are ministers. The role of the clergy and program staff is to care for the congregation, and find ways to empower and enrich your ministry - wherever that may take place. The gifts of this congregation are many, which is evidenced every single day. My hope and prayer for this year ahead is that we might continue to feel the presence of God in our work, worship, learning, and times together.
As you will see in this month's Neighbor, there is much to look forward to. I look forward to being with you as we continue to minister with one another.
Rev. Jim
*And a quick note of thanks to
Reverend Ruth Sandberg, and all those who have
taking on extra responsibility while I recuperate from
surgery. I offer my deepest gratitude.