March 2019

Dear Friends of O.C.C.,

These next couple days will be special ones in the life of our church. How great that we get to meet and welcome a new minister to our community, and look with excitement to what is next for our church.

There is much in this March Neighbor to celebrate, and many times to celebrate together. The season of Lent also gives us time to pause and reflect, to seek to slow down a little, to re-focus on what is most important and life-giving.

Our hope is that the next weeks offer time to listen to what God might be putting on your heart.

Lastly, we have added a section in our worship service that we are calling "A God Moment." In this time of worship, different members of our congregation are invited to the lectern for a few minutes, to share a way that they have experienced something bigger than themselves (aka "A time when I felt God's presence," "An event that taught me a bigger life lesson, where it seemed like God was in the midst," etc.)

If you would be willing to offer a God Moment to the congregation, please talk to me (or email The hope is to fill the calendar from now through early-June.

Grateful for all of you!