August 2019

August always feels a bit strange to me. The summer season is finally settling in, with its different pace and weather. The BBQ has been well used, and for many, things have slowed down a bit.

Yet, when looking at the calendar, the arrival of September looms. School will soon be starting back up, days will keep getting shorter, and the fall season will be underway. The "now and not yet" is a consistent part of our lives. We are here, now, in the midst of what we know and what we are getting to become more familiar with. And yet, there is always something else, something more, out in front of us. Life could be about starting a new job, bringing a child off to college, finishing a career, embarking on a new adventure, picking up a hobby, etc. And this new chapter has infinite possibilities as to what it will lead to down the road. There is a "now," and there is a "not yet."

The message of Jesus often circled around the belief that there was more yet to be discovered. The God of the now was also a God who was calling us to more. And as this applies to our own individual lives, it also applies to us as a church.

Toward the end of this month, Church Council, church ministry staff, and chairs of various ministries and committees, will gather for an afternoon of planning and dreaming. Our church is a place of many exciting "nows", and also has much yet ahead of us. Possibilities of better ministry to one another, serving those struggling with poverty and lack of homes, work with the local high school to provide wellness resources and events for students, partnerships with other houses of worship, enhanced worship, new topics for study and discussion, movement on housing initiatives for our upper hillside, and much more are in our "not yet". There is much to be energized by!

September will also mark the return of a full slate with our church programming. Much has been planned, and we look forward to the chances to learn, worship, listen, serve, and have fun together.

Glad to be a part of this journey with you,