June 2019

Elizabeth's Reflection

When I was a child and got sick with a fever, I had a recurring dream:

in the dream, I was in a tranquil, spacious room. This was the part of the dream that I liked. After a while, the room would contract briefly,

squeezing me and causing disorder. Then it would relax and the room would once more resolve into peace and quiet. This cycle continued, but with more and more interruptions of greater intensity until I was so

uncomfortable that I felt I was being squeezed right out of the room. At this point, I invariably woke up!

As an adult, I was relating this to a friend and he said, "You were obviously experiencing some deep memory of being born." Aha, I thought, of course! That memory came to me as I sat down to write

this. Our daily habits make the world seem stable and recognizable, but if we really scrutinize each day, transitions-big and small-are as much a part of our rhythm as habits: the detour by construction,

unexpected surgery, vacation travel, graduation, even patting a new plant into the soil. Some of this resolves into the initial peace and tranquility of my dream, but I am mindful of the ways that transition is disruptive and untidy.

Thank you, then, for the ways that you have made my "birth" into community with OCC such a pleasure. My experience of your kindness, generosity, and assistance has been so moving and

revealing. I am very glad to be here, and I anticipate further conversation, collaboration, and adventures in faith with you And in the coming of summer, here's an invitation to hold close God's

proclamation and promise, "Behold, I make all things new." Keep in mind that this promise emerges from all the tumult of Revelations. So where there is change or disruption, may it our blessing to claim new birth. After all, there is no more capable or gentle midwife then our God.

Peace and grace to all of you,