Orinda Community Church

Legacy Circle

What is the Legacy Circle?

The Legacy Circle was formed in 1989 by several forward thinking Orinda Community Church members as a way to support the church's endowment.  When Orinda Community Church members designate a gift to the Church in their estate they become members of the Legacy Circle.  Those funds designated will go to the Church's Endowment Fund after their passing.  The Endowment Fund has already received close to forty gifts from former members and about 20 current members have made gifts in their estate plans, thus becoming members of the Legacy Circle.


Why give to the Legacy Circle?

Orinda Community Church forms a special place in our community. By making a pledge of assets to the Endowment in your will you can help ensure that the mission and work of the church will continue in the future.  The funds contributed to the Endowment are used for supporting youth and children, pastoral support, music, some facilities support, and general church programs.  Without these funds, the activities and impact of the church in our community would be more limited. Additionally, the church periodically hosts events to keep in touch with and honor Legacy Circle members as we did earlier this summer.


How to give to the Legacy Circle?

Once you have decided that you want to include Orinda Community Church in your estate, you just need to contact your lawyer or estate planner and indicate your plans to set aside funds for Orinda Community Church after you pass.  It is not necessary to share the specifics of your gift with the Endowment Board, but please let the Chair of the Endowment, Anne Barr at mailto:annebarr119@gmail.com know that you have made a gift so we can include you in our Legacy Circle communications.