This summer, we are offering an intergenerational trip to Fresno, CA. All ages are welcome!

Working with the Fresno Interdenominational Refuge Ministry (F.I.R.M.,, we have the opportunity to serve various refuge communities, participate in different cultural orientations, and eat a variety of ethnic meals - while sharing conversation with those of different backgrounds. (Four of our meals will be: Ethiopian, Laotian, Syrian, and Vietnamese.)
Housing options include the campus of Fresno State, and the Ramada Inn. Participants can choose to have an individual room, or share accommodations (rates will vary based on choice). Parent/s and child/ren are able to share a room.

Cost per participant ranges from $325-$540, based on the housing option that is chosen.  Scholarships and grants will be available to any participant to help subsidize the cost.

Here are a complete itinerary, and a registration form