Doug Adams Sanctuary Art Gallery. Located in the sanctuary, the Doug Adams Art Gallery hosts exciting exhibits from local artists and church members. 

Stained Glass Windows.  Our three windows here at Orinda Community Church were designed and built by the famous Wallis-Wiley Studio of Pasadena.

The artist was doubtlessly John Wallis, who began working with fine stained glass in the 1920s, and participated in making the spectacular windows at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City.  Dr. Wallis's design was profoundly influenced by the architecture of our sanctuary as he studied it during construction in 1958. Whether deliberately or inadvertently so, an A-framed church such as ours is symbolically Trinitarian by virtue of its triangular or three-directional structural basis. Accordingly, our three stained glass windows are each devoted to one aspect of the Triune God.

Dr. Wallis was encouraged to make full use of his renowned artistic imagination and deep background in Christian history and theology, to employ a strikingly evocative contemporary style. The dramatic water imagery that flows through all three windows - seas of creation and floods of judgement, streams of mercy and mission, storms of crisis and of inspiration, baptismal waters of regeneration and new life - was made the unifying artistic element for all three windows.

Dancers Circle.  Dancers Circle is a liturgical dance ensemble of twelve dancers. Members come from a number of faith communities and perform throughout the Lamorinda area, including several Sunday services each year at Orinda Community Church. Genia Simpson is the group’s coordinator and choreographer. Rehearsals are held 7:00-9:00 p.m. Tuesdays at Orinda Community Church.